All teachers must first apply for a Provisional Teacher License (PTL). In order to receive this, teachers must have relevant qualifications and experience, provide proof of legal status, a certificate of good conduct and fitness, as well as an IELTS score of 6. All teachers in Dubai must have their PTLs by 2021. Having received the PT if they meet the requirements, they can then begin the application for the Competent Teacher Status (CTS) license.

Here are the 6 modules :-
child Protection
Moral Education
Dealing with People of Determination 

Why HIC is a specialist for these modules?

HIC has a complete ninety hours for the effective six modules.
All Teachers and Educational Leaders are required to complete the professional Development Courses.

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What is 6 Mandatory Standards? 
It is a KHDA's competence requirement specifies that schools in Dubai must ensure that all support staff undertake compulsory professional development in six core areas. .... leaders, and seek to contribute to raising the standards of education in Dubai.
A total of complete 90 hours for the effective 6 modules. These modules will give schools easy access to the required learning and assessment. All Teachers and Educational Leaders are required to complete the Professional Development Courses as part of their Competent Teacher Status. Currently, teachers and educational leaders are required to complete the following six mandatory professional development (MPD) courses: