Smart Archiving

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The Smart Archiving training program is designed specifically for officials of archiving centers, smart archiving project managers, and enterprise content management, as well as archiving control staff, information center and library staff, IT center officials, planning and administrative development departments, and specialized management communications departments. In addition to specialists and those interested in these fields in various sectors of government and private academic bodies, to fill the gap in the skills required in the technology sector and to support the cadres of the institution and improve their opportunities to overcome them. For challenges in the rapidly changing IT sector and contribute to Enhance the organization's position as a leading global and local leader in the field of intelligent transformation. Participants will be able to use real-world application documents and effective tools to identify areas for improvement and adopt a structured and innovative approach to address them effectively.

  • Code 0133
  • Categories OTHER PROGRAMS
  • Month December
  • City Dubai
  • Duration 15 hours
  • Start Date 2020-10-14
  • End Date 2020-12-31