We welcome you, members and partners of (HIGHER INNOVATION CENTER)
    Here We are explaining some benefits of this membership

  • Join Now with Us, and get your annual membership card and you will get added to our center's database
  • Obtaining locally and internationally accredited certificates (High Innovation Center - KHDA) (Dubai Government - Kingston British Academy)
  • We will Make the member fully aware of the activities and programs that the center holds
  • Each Member will get the priority to participate in training programs, events, lectures and conferences at nominal prices as well as free of charge
  • 20% discount on consultations specialized in human and administrative development
  • A special discount of up to 15% from all fees for the courses held at the center
  • In addition to other features and new surprises soon.

    We welcome you, members and partners of (HIGHER INNOVATION CENTER)
    For training and consulting, we are pleased to present to you some of the advantages of this membership

  • Obtaining an annual membership card from (HIGHER INNOVATION CENTER) and adding it to the center's database
  • The confidentiality of his personal and intellectual information by creating a special web page for each coach, which is considered as a marketing interface and address for the coach
  • Priority to participate in the training programs prepared and offered by the center
  • The priority of providing governmental and private programs requested by the center
  • Request certificates for his trainees in his approved training Materials
  • Get an opportunity to promote his training courses around the world
  • Live support 24/7 from the coaches service department
  • Promote his training courses around the world
  • Provide equipped halls to implement its training programs, whether in the center or outside it
  • Opportunities to participate in international conferences on the latest developments in training in the world

    We welcome you members and partners of the HIGHER INNOVATION CENTER for Training and Consulting, and we are pleased to present to you some of the advantages of this membership

  • Free training courses.
  • Nominal prices for training courses
  • Providing halls for holding training courses
  • .

Membership is available for both genders,and all ages

  • CV / personal photo + a photo of ID or passport
  • Attach the latest academic qualification.
  • Evidence of achievements during the year (for renewal new year)
  • (Not less than presenting about training programs - not less than participating in a conference - TV interviews if possible - an article in a newspaper or magazine if possible - writing a book if possible)
  • Signing a contract with the Higher Innovation Center, to be renewed annually by the agreement of the two parties.
  • For individuals 240 AED
  • For coaches, 500 dirhams
  • For institutions, 1000 AED