Our New Programme

  • The Dubai Quality Group, in cooperation with the Higher Innovation Center, is organizing the first program to lead the modern institutional excellence (specialist of institutional excellence system) the first batch.


    The first axis

    ·        Stages of excellence trip in the United Arab Emirates.

    ·        Excellence models in the United Arab Emirates.

    ·        Maturity factors in the path of government excellence in the United Arab Emirates.

    ·        Introductory introduction to the new government excellence model GEM 2.0.

    ·        The axes, standards and principles of the new government system of excellence GEM 2.0.

    ·        Concepts of the new government excellence system GEM 2.0.

    The second axis:

    ·        The structure of the new government system of excellence, GEM 2.0.

    ·        Incentives for the New Government Excellence System GEM 2.0.

    ·        Standard for improving the quality of life

    ·        Standards of readiness for the future.

    ·        The standard of strategic and competitive orientation

    ·        Main standard tasks

    ·        Resources & Property Standard

    ·        Knowledge and Data Management Standard

    ·        The criterion of partnership and integration

    ·        The government communication standard includes * government promotion

    The third axis:

    ·        The standard of interconnected proactive services

    ·        The standard of professional talent

    ·        Study and discuss the case and its application according to the new government Excellence Model GEM 2.0.

    ·        The Capacity Assessment Tool in the New Government Excellence Model GEM 2.0.

    The results evaluation tool in the new government excellence GEM 2.0.

    The incentive assessment tool in the new government excellence GEM 2.0.

    A comprehensive review of the system

    Practical practical applications and workshops

    Recreational and mental challenges and assignments

    Program days:

    Sunday - Monday - Tuesday



    From 5 pm until 8 pm Dubai time *

    From 4 pm until 7 pm Saudi time *

    (External tasks are counted as training hours)

    starting date:

    August 23, 2020


    Training platform:


    Certificates awarded:

    High Innovation Center

    Dubai Quality Group

    Knowledge and Human Development Authority - Dubai Government


    Program fees:

    3500 dirhams per person

    3000 dirhams for a group (5) individuals

    2500 for government agencies (5) or more


    For sign up:

    Please contact Mrs. Haya Al-Hassan Email haya.alhassan@dqg.org | Mobile: 00971565457412